Port Said University starred with the decision of the president of the Republic in 24/2/2010 to transfer Suez Canal branch in Port Said to an independent university. The history of the university extends before the decision of its establishing; as the existence of its first faculties was the faculty of engineering in 1975 under the supervision of Helwan University, then under supervision of Suez Canal University when it was established in 1976. After that, more faculties were established in Port Said Governorate increasing to four faculties prompting the decision of establishing Port Said University as a branch of the Suez Canal University in 1998. The wise decision of the Republic President, for establishing Port Said University in 2010, was the result of the continuous increasing of the faculties outreaching nine Educational institutions. Port Said University consists of the following: faculty of Engineering; faculty of Commerce; faculty of Physical Education; faculty of Education; faculty of Specific Education; faculty of nursing; faculty of Science; faculty of Kindergarten; and the Higher Institute of Management and Computer.