Vision Mission and Objectives




The University seeks continuous development of the educational process through assessing the educational programs and ensuring quality in order to obtain a prominent position and accreditation amongst local, regional, and international universities. The university id establishing new faculties and institutes to cope up  with the rapid developments in the fields of modern technology to advance the process of development and production.




The university is providing unique programs characterized by the local and international academic standards  in order to qualify graduates with the scientific experience and knowledge in the different fields of specialization to be able to   compete in the local, regional, and international labor market; and prepare generations of distinguished scientists, thinkers, and literary figures able to effectively participate in the community service and culture-building and development of environment in order to  push the production sectors to global competition.




The university is seeking to achieve its mission through the following aims:

- Continuous development for the educational and postgraduates programs to insure the quality of the graduates to cope with the age requirements

- Effective use of the university available possibilities to upgrade the graduates scientifically and practically and develop and increase the community services

- Upgrade the administration level of the university through electronic administration in a way that strengths the relation among its faculties and linking it with other local, regional, and international educational institution

- Either to develop unique educational programs or new educational faculties and institutions leads the university to accreditation, and local and regional competitions

- Establishing specialized scientific centers for developing and effective training, community services, and developing and advancing the cultural process

- Providing an atmosphere of creativity and strengthen noble values that keep the society fabric and progress- such as national loyalty, ideals, and ethics- the  effective and scientific progress for the society, and solutions for the problems that impede society progression through purposeful research projects